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    Rotation tool

    tegid 0

      I am trying to rotate an image of an arm from its shoulder using the rotation tool. The default position of the tool is half way down the image, around the elbow, so I have to shift it up which is fine. However, after then rotating the image, the center point slots back to its default position shifting the whole image down. So how do I lock the position of the center point?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The axis of rotation needs to be established in the symbol, which basically means opening the symbol for editing and moving the graphics around until they are positioned where you want them relative to the registration marks.  Then you position the symbol on the stage where it needs to be.


          If there is some formal rotation tool (not the free trandform tool) you are using that is a feature of newer versions of Flash, ignore my offering.

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            tegid 0 Level 1

            Thanks Ned, that was useful as it confirmed I was on the right lines. For some reason the problem has just rectified itself. Hey ho.