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    Flash Builder 4.0.0 doesn't find updates

    wanderingWriter Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      As the tile reads, I can't update my Flash Builder installation (4.0.0), nor the Flex SDK version (4.0).

      My system is Mac Os X 10.6.4.


      I installed Flash Builder as part of the CS5 Web Premium package I bought in September 2010, and I have started studying Flex and working with FB this week. This might explain why I never noticed it hadn't updated.


      This morning I noticed the existence of the 4.1 SDK version and the related FB 4.0.1 update. When I try to use the automatic FB function "Search for Flash Builder Updates...", however, the Adobe Application Manager tells me that "Your applications are up to date". :-S


      I found few (really few) articles online about some sort of problem with the first release of the 4.0.1 update, but I read that I should at least see the 4.1 Flex SDK in the SDKs folder. I don't.


      Now.... how can I solve this?

      I guess I could trash the whole Flash Builder folder and manually reinstall it, but as I said it is part of the CS5 installation, and I'm afraid of messing things up even more.


      Can anyone help me, please?



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          DavidSalahi Level 1


          If you just want to update your SDK to 4.1 that's pretty easy to do as I describe in my blog post on this same problem. I'd recommend this as the simplest way to solve your problem. If you want to get the 4.0.1 Flash Builder update also I assume you will have to uninstall/reinstall Flash Builder. I'm pretty sure this won't break your CS installation but you may want to check with Adobe Customer Service before doing it.


          Here's a couple more links on the Adobe site that may be helpful:

          Flex 4 Downloads

          Flex 4 SDK Release Notes


          Finally, if you want to get the latest and greatest, you could download the Flash Builder "Burrito" build with the "Hero" Flex 4.5 SDK from Adobe Labs. You can install this side-by-side with your existing Flash Builder installation and run either one or both simultaneously. (At least, that works for me on Windows.)



          David Salahi

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            wanderingWriter Level 1


            Thank you very much David.


            After I posted the question above I downloaded the 4.1 SDK and "imported" it into Flash Builder. It seems to work: it builds and run in both debug and release modes, so I guess it's fine.

            At first, I wasn't sure I could do this, because in the 4.0.1 release notes I read that the support for Flex SDK 4.1 was something new and just added... and therefore couldn't be used with the 4.0.0 version of FB I am using. It seems that this is not the case....


            Besides, I read somewhere that some people did update, but the version number of their Flash Builder installations remained stuck at 4.0.0. Could this have happened to me too? (as I said, I become interested in Flex this week, so I could have updated it in the past months without noticing)


            In your blog post you reference this article, where there is a link to an updater page. There I see a sort of "manual" updater. It doesn't say if I have to uninstall the current version of Flash Builder to use it, though. :-(


            Finally, about Burrito.... isn't it a beta? Is it worth the risk (of crashes, data loss, etc)?





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              DavidSalahi Level 1

              Yes, Burrito is a beta and an early one at that. So, you would be well-advised to use caution with it. However, in my (limited) experience with it during the past two weeks it's been working pretty well. There are a lot of nice new productivity features. The biggest problem I've encountered is that the new SDK features are still incomplete and documentation can be hard to come by. But, what's nice is that you can run both the release version and Burrito side-by-side.


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                wanderingWriter Level 1

                Thanks again.


                I think that I'll stick with the latest stable release, then. :-)


                I've downloaded and launched the manual updater, which hasn't required to remove the previous version, fortunately.

                However.... well, it still says that the version is 4.0.0 (I've read online of other people having the same problem). I guess (hope) it is just a graphic error, maybe they forgot to modify the label, lol.


                It has also installed another copy of the 4.1 SDK, that appears to be different from the one I manually downloaded earlier today (it's ~100MB smaller). I decided to use this "new" version.