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    Can't get acrobat to open on the left screen Windows 7 multiple screens




      I am running Windows 7 x64 pro with all the latest patches.   I'm running Windows Acrobat 9 with all the patches.   I have a few monitors as well as a TV hooked up to my computer.    With any other program such as firefox, Word, IE, bloomberg, etc once I move an open application window to the screen I want it to open on next time, maximize a program, then close it completely, the next time I open it, it will open on the last screen I had moved it to.   That works for EVERY program except acrobat.   It always opens on my TV which I only use for presentations so I have to drag it over each time.   This may not seem like a big deal but nearly every other e-mail attachment is acrobat.


      I've tested on 2 other computers with 2 monitors running Windows 7 - they have the same issue.   Is there a registry hack or hotfix available for this problem?