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    Pulling my hair out with div tags and layers


      Hello all,


      I'm working on a seemingly simple website for my friend.  I downloaded a simple template and have been able to sucessfully modify it as required.


      However, I cannot unerstand for the life of me why the simple square image I want to be placed to the left and indented from the top and side, will not move no matter what Horizontal/Vertical value I give it!?


      I add it as a layer, and when I move it, it moves the whole page across, which is just ridiculous.

      I add it as a div tag, and I am unable to move it, or if I am able to move it, it goes somewhere ridiculous.


      I assume you'd like me to post some code on here; am I allowed to do that so I may resolve this issue?  It's important that this website goes online quite soon since he's advertising it!


      Many thanks all,