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    CS3 on mac

    migo33 Level 1
      Hi Mac users,

      after years on a PC I am now working on a Mac and was surprised to see that FW CS3 behaves a bit on the "heavy" side. a bit clunky and doggy compared to the fast response on a PC even a old pc.
      does any of you Mac users have issues with this product? and why the hell there is no support for deferent languages on a Mac?
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          R e j u v e s i t e
          Yep, what a pile of crap. I honestly think Fireworks 8 running on Rosetta on my Intel Mac was actually faster. I mean, c'mon, when you deselect an object, I honestly think it takes about 2-3 seconds to display the "Canvas" property bar. Amazing. Oh and working with Alien Skin plugins, LOL. I swear I have to Force Quit Fireworks CS3 about 20 times during a project.

          Yay, I am so glad I bought a Mac and bought CS3. Pfff.
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            migo33 Level 1
            that's great to hear. I thought I was the only one. well, I am slowly saying GOODBYE to Adobe and hello open source applications. CS3 is pure BS.