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    Flex and other technologues

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      I'm Flash/Flex developer.
      I've been using Flex 2 & 3 and AMPPHP for accessing a mysql database from Flex. The process is so clear and works fine. Some times i got remotecall.failed but i'm not sure if it is because my internet connection or something with amfphp.

      Last week, I migrated a Flash / FMS IM to Flash / Red5. It works perfect. I had to translate my actionscript server side of FMS to java..... after that everything was nice. I didn't need to modify my flash client.

      My question is:
      What do you thing.... it is better to continue using flex - amfphp or develop new projects using flex - red5, basicaly for connecting to a database.
      AMFphp is so easy to use but the persistent connetion of red5 could make easy for developing data-driven applications.

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          I think at the moment it depends on the projects you're working on. I think the Red5 developers would agree that it's not quite production ready yet so if you're planning on using it for a serious large-scale project then i'd be wary... If you just want a database connection out of it then i think using Red5 is overkill... but if the project is going to scale later to delivering media content then yeah, could save some time further down the line. But for purely connecting to a database i'd tend to keep it simple.