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    Geolocation With Motorola Droid




      I am trying to use the Geolocation class for capturing GPS events on my phone.  I am using Flash Builder Burrito with the Flex Hero SDK.  I followed the sample code from the flash.sensors.Geolocation Beta help documentation provided by Adobe.


      I am testing this using the Motorola Droid, with GPS turned on (not muted), verified on Google Maps it shows my location.  But when i test this code on my device, it reports back that it is always muted?  Has anyone else tested this with a Droid?  I can't get any Geolocation update events as it thinks it is muted, but definitely is not.  Bug??




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          Funny how when you take the time to post your issue on a forum, you magically solve it right after you post.


          In this case, there was an entire section of the *-app.xml file that was commented out.  It was the very las <android> tag in the document.  I guess this gives android permissions to use GPS - not sure, but i uncommented that section and it all worked.


          If anyone else is struggling with Geolocation, just let me kow - i got it all working like a charm now!