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    Can't I see/undo effects applied after rendering the project?

    imsam67 Level 1



      I applied some effects to my video and once I got done, I rendered it as MPG and closed the project.


      Now, I want to go back and change the look and feel a bit more by undoing some of the effects that I applied. Clearly, I'll have to re-render the entire video.


      When I open the project file, I don't see the effects I applied to the original footage. Shouldn't I be able to see those effects in the project and be able to delete them? After all, isn't that the idea of the project file i.e. Original Footage + Effects + Transitions is the project file which renders the final output.


      Is it a setting on my computer or do I not see the effects applied to raw footage in a project once I render the video and close the project file?