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    New to flash (well, sorta)


      So I just got Flash CS5. I've worked with it before in high school but  I've forgotten some things about it. The most I know right now is how to  motion tween. What I'm asking is for some good tutorials/help or  anything that could help me in starting a project or two I wanna do to  pass time.

      I want to create a small game or two, but I'm not sure where to start  (on the creation of it). If anyone has any good resources for games  that'd be nice. Also whats a good type of game to start making? I've  been thinking a gambling game of some sort maybe.

      I want to also maybe create an animation short (1-3 minutes). I'd like a  tutorial on basics on how to import and use sound, move body parts of  certain 'characters', and any other relevant stuff.

      My priority is the game, though. I'm not too good at writing stories it seems.