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    Project not picking up changes in external sources

      I have a flex project that's using a couple of other Flex library projects as external sources... i have everything setup and working nicely.

      Except... if i make a change to one of the library projects the flex project doesn't seem to pick it up... for a while... if i add a log comment to my library project and build it, then run the flex project i don't see the log... if i close down Flex 3 and leave it for a bit, then open it and run it again... there it is... if i close and immediately reopen i don't see it... seems like something is being held in memory... but not sure if this is a Flex issue or local to my installation/machine etc.

      Anyone else seen anything like this?
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          paperworld Level 1
          actually, i'll add something else to this cause it seems to be related.... if i get a 'problem' listed int he problems window... and i fix that problem, the problem persists.... the workspace rebuilds every now and then, until eventually (anything up to 10 minutes or so) it goes away - the problem it's referring to is clearly not there anymore but it seems to take an age to realise it
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            Gaurav J Adobe Employee
            When you see such problems have you tried to clean and rebuild the project. Do you see the problems panel showing old data even after clean and rebuild?

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              Sounds like you are seeing a problem with project dependencies, and possibly also slow compilation times. Would you mind entering a bug at http://bugs.adobe.com/jira ?

              If you could zip up and attach the projects that reproduce the problem, that will greatly help us investigate. However only attach them via the bug form if it is code you don't mind the public seeing. If you want to keep it private (but don't mind sharing it with us internally), you can file the bug and email the code to FlexBuilderBugfiles@adobe.com, including the bug number.

              If you can't submit the code as-is, I understand, but if you are able to strip it down to something basic / non-sensitive that still reproduces the problem and submit that, it would be immensely helpful.

              Thanks much,