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    Is there no way around this?!

    Kurt_777 Level 1

      I've just bought After Effects CS5. I've also bought a new Mac to run it on. So far, so good.


      Now, this new Mac is not going to be connected to the internet. I have another computer, (this one, a PC), that I use for all my internet activities. It's my "sacrificial" computer, and I've had to wipe it and reinstall its contents several times over the years, because of viral and other attacks. I do not want to expose my new Mac to that.


      So, before installing the software on my new Mac, I thought I would just check and make sure that I would be able to activate the program via this PC, even though the software is actually installed on the other computer, the Mac. I was able to do this when I bought Premiere Elements7 and Photoshop Elements 7 from Adobe. Actually, I installed those programs on a PC that isn't connected to the Net, copied the number that was generated on that computer when it was installed, and came back to this computer and entered that number into the Adobe site's activation page. This generated an activation key, which I then took back to the other PC and entered. This process activated my software. Yes, it was a bit of coming and going, but far preferable to putting my expensive graphics-dedicated computer at risk by putting it online, out in the minefield that is the Internet.


      But now I find that I do not have that option with After Effects CS5. Apparently I am forced to set up an internet connection on my Mac, thus exposing it to all the hazards of the internet, just so that I can activate my (very expensive) After Effects. As I understand it, there is no option for activating via another computer.


      What this seems to boil down to is that Adobe customers have to put their computers at a real risk, to protect Adobe from the possibility of piracy. And I do not accept the argument that Macs are "safer" or more secure on the Net. Maybe viruses are fewer, but obviously there would be just as much adware and spyware and god-knows-what that will contaminate a Mac. Why should customers who buy Adobe's expensive products be forced to run that risk?


      Sure, I can temporarily set up my new Mac on my home network, and then permanently disable the connection as soon as I've activated my software, but what if I pick up a bunch of Internet garbage in the process? To protect the computer during that period, I'd have to install another copy of virus-protection, and that means paying for it, because my Norton has already used up its installation limit. So, that's extra expense as well as exposure to hazards.


      Okay, desperate question - is there any option under any circumstances for a legitimate owner of a legitimate copy of CS5 to activate it without the very real possibility of corrupting a brand new computer?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          As far as I know - no. so you will have to swallow that pill. Though, no offense, I think you are overstating your case. I certainly don't believe in the myth of the impenetrable Mac, but most vulnerabilities are not in the core, but rather Safari, iTunes etc.. As long as none of these are involved, opening a few HTTP ports for activation is a minor thing and "daily business". You could even restrict this so it really only connects to Adobe servers, so IMO it realyl is not a big deal.



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            Kurt_777 Level 1

            Well, I just found out that I had no choice anyway. When I fired it up, the computer automatically found my wi-fi router by itself! I thought I'd have to go through all the usual fol-de-rol to get a connection, the way I had to do on my PCs.


            And the activation is done, so now I no longer need the connection, so I can disable it now. So, I spoke too soon...


            Thanks for your reply, Mylenium.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can also activate by phone. This link shows you how.

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                Kurt_777 Level 1

                Rick, I think that only applies to versions prior to CS5. I had a chat with an Adobe rep, who told me that you could activate by phone only up to version CS3. With CS5, that option isn't available any more.


                Anyway, it was a storm in a teacup, really, because although my computer automatically detected my home network and connected to it, the activation process was done pretty much immediately. I guess I was only on the Net for less than a minute, (it's impossible to know for sure, because it's done silently). But I was able to disconnect afterwards and I very much doubt any harm was caused in that time.


                So, all good.


                Thanks for your tip, anyway.