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    [Help] Video Player problems in some browsers


      Hey guys,


      I have just faced a problem with my new flash website which i rebuilt from a template (template monster 22865)

      There is a flash player inside of a template to show the available videos.


      The whole problem is that the VP (video player) works perfectly if I open it directly from SWF file or using Internet Explorer, however when im trying to access the website from Chrome/Mozilla , everything is working but the VP. Attached the screenshots for your reference:


      http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/6270/wrongr.jpg (There are no play/stop buttons etc.  Chrome/Mozilla)


      http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/317/rightk.jpg (Its all fine here, SWF or Internet Explorer)






      One more thing i found just right now. The archive i got from TemplateMonster contains 2 swf files which are "Main one" and the "Custom" (with the video player), so if i remove the custom swf file from a website folder, the play/stop buttons disappear even in Internet Explorer. Could that be the whole problem, I really am confused


      Looking for your help guys, feel free to ask for more information


      P.S. The index.php page was created in Dreamweaver CS 5, can be found here  (see the Source files)