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    Upgrading older quad core system

    Anthony Abegglen Level 1

      My current system is a Quad core system and I would like to upgrade from CS4,

      Specs as below  with upgrade i want to do;

      Windows XP upgrade to windows7Pro

      MB Asus P5Q3 Delux

      CPU 8300 @2.50

      Ram, 4gigs ddr3 1333  upgrade to 4x 4gig models  to 16gig ram

      Display card MSI gts250  upgrade to msi gtx470

      Power supply antec 650w

      4x 500gig seagate


      Currently I edit  SD, HDV and encode my Canon 550d to interm codec ,on CS4 and Canopus Edius , I do not use AE so I have no need for tons of ram and I do not mind if there is some rending involed . I would not want to do a big upgrade now but want to be able to upgrade to CS5, Reason for not buying a i7 system is  , as I under stand that by the end of this year there is giong to be a very very big change to CPU's and Motherboards and the whole socket and display card structure on board etc....,I would rather spend on a big upgrade in middel next year.


      Please advise would be great.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          There is no sense in upgrading the GTS 250 to a GTX 470 if you are on a tight budget. The GTS 250 supports hardware acceleration with the 'hack'.


          The basic problem you have is the CPU/mobo. Upgrading memory to 16 GB looks like a waste of money and will not give you the performance boost you may be looking for. You can't use that memory on more recent mobo's, because of the DDR2 architecture, so the depreciation period is very short. If you can add memory modules to your current system, I would only add memory to 8 GB, not exchange sticks.


          You better start saving for a new X58/i7-9xx/DDR3 system.


          The big change in hardware land is not expected before Q3/4 2011 and as always, early birds pay the price.

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            Anthony Abegglen Level 1

            Hi Harm as always you have  answers  which is very helpful ,but there are some things I forgot out sorry the GTS 250 is only a 512mb card, I want to replace the the gts250 as my son needs a gaming card and thought it would be a better just to give him the gts250  and I get a new GTX470 or maybe get a cheapter version and hack it so I am able to use the MP , the Motherboard is not a DDR2, but a DDR3 version of the motherboard and is able to run up 16gig ddr3 @1600.

            Would I still not get a improvement?




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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              This extra info is very valuable. With your son in the picture, a GTX 470 or maybe a 460 is very nice, both for you and your son.


              The fact that you can use DDR3 makes it a new picture, because in that case you can continue using that memory in a X58 board. But rumors have it that the next big jump to X68 mobo's may use DDR4 memory and there is no one who currently knows the specifics. It is all rumors.


              From a personal perspective, taking in mind that you may want to do this big upgrade early 2012, I still think that 2 x 4 GB would be enough for the time being, unless you can use DDR3 with the next generation of X68. Your major bottleneck is the Q8300 and memory does help, but not that much in your specific situation from going from 8 to 16 GB.

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                Anthony Abegglen Level 1

                Thanks for the valuable info, it makes senes , so your suggestion is to go get another 2x 2gig ddr3 ram and have  in total  8gig of ram is better and then wait for 2012 ...hope the world does not end as peridicted  as for the GTX card the gtx460. In the end the cpu is the bottleneck oh welcome at least it will not be to expensive upgrade. Harm do you have any other words of advice that you may suggest?

                Thanks for the help.


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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  If you currently have 4 x 1 GB sticks, I suggest to replace 2 with 2 x 4 GB for a total of 10 GB


                  If you currently have 2 x 2 GB sticks, I suggest to add 2 x 4 GB for a total of 12 GB


                  Mixing memory is generally considered 'not done' and it may not work but there are numerous people who did it without negative effects. In the worst case you end up with 2 x 4 GB sticks that may be used in the next system.

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                    Anthony Abegglen Level 1

                    Hi Harm thanks again I will follow your advise regards this.