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    Unable to create Flex/WTP project

    dougkeen Level 1
      I am using Eclipse 3.3 on Windows XP Pro.

      1. I choose New->Flex Project from the File menu
      2. In the new project dialog, I choose Java/J2EE as the server type and elect to use LiveCycle Data Services. I enter the location of the LCDS 2.5 war file in the appropriate text input.
      3. In the next panel, I use the default location, and choose "Flex 2.0.1 Hotfix 2" as the Flex SDK
      4. In the next panel where you may specify "Source path" and "Library path" among other things, I accept all the defaults and click "Finish".

      While the new project is initializing, particularly when it's installing the new Dynamic Web facet, the process fails and an error dialog pops up containing only the following text "org/eclipse/wst/common/project/facet/ui/internal/AddRemoveFacetsDataModel"

      When I close that dialog, I'm returned to the last step of the "New Flex project" process, which basically makes it impossible for me to create a new project since the error occurs every time. I am able to create generic Flex projects and the basic LCDS Flex project without problems... this only affects the integrated Flex/WTP option.

      Any ideas?

      Log file contents are below... don't seem to be too helpful: