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    RAW (.cr2) files only display as icons in Bridge CS3?




      Can anyone help please to help get my thumbnails back in Bridge CS3?! They used to show okay, but for a while they haven't. It just a pain when trying to sort through shots I've taken in RAW!


      Weirdly, they show fine on my home Mac, but on my work Mac I just get the icon – but both are running the same software (CS3), just different OS versions (10.6 at home, 10.4 at work - which shouldn't make a difference?). They also won't show in the preview pane when you select it – you have to open it to see it.


      I've updated to the most recent CR plug-in that CS3 willl allow, purged the thumbnail cache... nothing working so far. Other files show up fine. I've looked at the other posts, but most of those seem to be CS4/5, and remedied by the plug-in update...


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you!