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    How to fix lines in Illustrator


      Hi! I need some help to fix some lines on a CNN logo made in Illustrator.


      If any pros out there have a couple of minutes to fix the lines so that the curves are more smooth, I need it for my computer class.


      Its a CNN and a Coca Cola logo.


      I would be very grateful to anyone willing to smoothen the lines. The logos are already made, it just has to be smoothed.


      Cheers to the Adobe user community, have a nice day:)






      Thanks in advance to anyone who will fix these two logos. You will get +1 in your good karma:)


      Then I only need to draw an animal in Illustrator and paint it, that I will try doing alone:)

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          Mihajlo1985 Level 1

          P.S. The deadline is on wednesday, 10.11.2011 00:00 CET.


          Thanks to anyone who helps, if I dont get help, thanks anyway.

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            John Danek Level 4

            You're almoost there.  You've got some time left, so go in and work on the line segments yourself.  You're not going to learn the tools and skills necessary to do this type of work if someone helps you cheat.  We're doing you a favor by not helping you.  This is close to a real world project because you've been given a deadline and it's up to you to get the job done.  You will be proud of yourself for achieving what you thought was unachievable.  Now get cracking!

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              Joe Paris Level 3

              Have to say I agree with John. You're in a class therefore you need to practise and learn, not have someone do it for you. Post a screenshot of where you're at and perhaps we can give some tips so that you can do a better job yourself.

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                Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Just a few words in addition to what John and Joe said (I am still with 10, so I could only open the file as PDF, and had to leave for quite a while):


                The Direct Selection Tool and the Convert Anchor Point Tools may be your friends; the former may be used for adjusting handles, too, and (since you have Live Paint which allows sloppier path building) it allows Joining of open end Anchor Points.


                Edit: I hope we shall not have the rest of the class here soon.

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                  Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Put the image on a layer of its own. Lock it.


                  Put the drawing on its own layer. Set the drawing layer to Outline view. That way you can see crisp paths. Your strokes are at 4 pt and you won't achieve accuracy that way.