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    Dynamic tables


      Hi All,


      I have a form where i have four dynamic tables one after

      other, i want the header and body to show up atleast one even

      when there is no data flowing in to the table fields, is it possible,..?


      i have tried doing a dynamic table and a text field wrapped in a subform(S1)  and that subform in turn  wrapped in other subform(S2) to make S1 flowable.

      for Table1 i have checked Repeat Table for each data item, Min count = 1, Initial count =1 ;


      i did the same for all the 4 subforms,


      but only the first and last subfor sshow up the tables in them the rest only show text field i have included in each subform,


      does anyone have an idea on this as to how to get this done..


      Thank u all in advance.