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    Printing problem from Adobe Reader


      This has got me completely stumped!


      I have an 8 page document which is 7.5 MB in size.


      I want to print this as an A5 double-sided booklet on A4 paper. So, it should print pages 1 and 8 on one side of A4, then print pages 2 and 7 on the other side of that sheet. Then it should print pages 3 and 6 on the next sheet, then pages 4 and 5 on the other side. Therefore two sheets of A4 paper, which I can then fold up into and 8 page A5 booklet.


      This is something I have done numerous times in the past with other files.


      When I try to print this file, the file size of the spooled document goes up to 210 MB and then the printed output is one sheet of A4, with all 8 pages on it, 4 pages per side!


      The printer settings I have used (which I have used successfully for other booklets) are:-

      Page Scaling is set to 'Booklet Printing'

      Booklet Subset is set to 'Both Sides'

      Sheets from is set to '1 to 2'

      Binding is set to 'Left'

      On the 'Finishing Tab' the properties selected are:-

      'Print on both sides'

      'Left binding'

      '2 pages per sheet'.

      'Portrait' orientation.


      As I say, these settings have worked for lots of other documents.


      Any ideas?