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      Hi everyone!

      I'm kinda new with this integration made by Adobe and honestly i like it. I was hoping that some of you guys would be able to help me on my problem. I attended the launch of Adobe CS3 here in manila and they showed us the new features of Dreamweaver it really made great impression on me Now, the speaker ( I think Marriane was her name, can't remember) showed us the file she was working on called Aquos? I'm not sure of the name again but anyways the thing is in Dreamweaver the file that she was working on was a PSD file. Can somebody pls. tell me how to do that? she even converted the bitmap text to an editable text, how was that made? even the layers of the PSD file were there in Dreamweaver. Can somebody help me out here? I'm just a newbie enjoying the features made by Adobe. Plus I watched the tutorial video here in adobe.com. The tutorial featured copying and pasting images from Photoshop to Dreaweaver, now I've noticed the properties panel below, the place were you'll find hotspots buttons next is the "H Space" then text box then the following words should be "Low" and "Src" but i noticed in the video the "Low" word is changed by the Photoshop icon, how can i do that? I think it has a connection to the questions I asked above. Pls. guys help me out here. Thanks.