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    loadPolicyFile doesn't appear to do anything

    BRebey Level 1

      I'm building a FlexBuilder3 app, and I'm trying to test socket connectivity and my  Crossdomain server by calling "Security.loadPolicyFile('xmlsocket://localhost:843')", and the call seems to do nothing. 


      I use WireShark packet  sniffer to moitor network traffic, and the loadPolicyFile(...) call generates no network traffic whatsoever;   it doesn't connect to my crossdomain server  at all.


      By contrast, I can reliably telnet to the crossdomain server, see the connection reported at the server, issue a hand-typed <policy-file-request> command in the telnet session,  and get the crossdomain  file sent across the telnet session.   Thus, I know  that my crossdomain server is working fine.


      I'm  compiling with the  FlexBuilder3 GUI,  and the projectr's Properties|Flex Compiler|Additional Compiler  Arguments:" set to "-use-network=true -locale en_US"


      I've  tried with and wihtout my firewall on/off.


      Any ideas??