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    Help with Unable to use INSERT (MySQL, Coldfusion, FB4)


      Sort of new to this. I have a flex app that uses CFC's to connect to  a  MySQL database. I auto generated a CFC by pointing it to the "company" table in MySQL. It created the usual default functions (count(), createcompany, getAllCompany, etc). All of the "get" functions work as expected (grids fill, etc). However, I can't seem to get the Updates or Adds to work. For simplicity, this is what the code looks like:



      protected function button_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void




      var company:Company = new Company();

      company.zip = zipTextInput.text;

      company.phone = phoneTextInput.text;

      company.company = companyTextInput.text;

      company.state = stateTextInput.text;

      company.address1 = address1TextInput.text;

      company.city = cityTextInput.text;

      createcompanyResult.token = companyService.createcompany(company);


      What's weird is that I can test the service in FB and the service works fine but when you click the button, it doesn't appear that the service is ever even called.


      Any ideas would be hugely appreciated.