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    Moving Photoshop 7 to a new computer without original install stuff...


      Old machine is dying and it is slated for a fresh install of Windows as soon as this issue is resolved. I need to put my copy of PM7 on a new machine.  BUT, I lost my install disk in a move.


      I asked Adobe for help.  I know, futile waste of time. They refer users to this foruum so they get free support help from other users rather than supporting them in-house!

      Thank you in advance for taking your time to do Adobe's job.  Any help is appreciated!


      Here is where I am:

      1. I gave them my sales reciept blah, blah, blah. They agreed I am a legit owner/user of the product.
      2. They directed me to install the 30-day preview version and enter my serial number to activate it.
      3. I do not have said serial number and they were supposed to get back to me to provide it.
      4. They got back to me after almost a week. They failed the provide the answer and closed the case! Wrong answer.
      5. Adobe provided a link to a "possibly answered" forum that instructs one on how to retrieve a CS4 serial number.  Wrong product, and no Adobe employee added to the forum thread.  http://forums.adobe.com/message/2409372  This is a great thread if ones needs the CS4 information.
      6. I also found this link:  http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/837/cpsid_83728.html  Note products affected and the comments, again not PM7 and so does not address the problem.
      7. I did find a 20-digit number that appears on the inital & help screen (old machine, properly registered) that starts with 1039... Is that my serial number?

        PM7 Install Code search.jpg

      8. I attempted to input that number into my Trial PM7...
      9. The registration screen had the online registration option grayed out.  That boded trouble.

        PM7 Adobe Registration Choice.jpg

      10. I chose the print out the registration for mailing of faxing. Logical.
      11. I got an Adobe online error!
      12. PM 7 reported back to me that no default browser was installed on my machine and I needed to re-install my browser.  I have two browsers, Firefox and IExplorer. Both are installed correctly and I switched the default back and forth between them hoping PM would recognize one of them.  It did not work.

        PM7 Adobe Online Error.jpg

      13. I refuse to uninstall a properly functioning browser to appease the needs of a program which is NOT properly functioning. Why does an Adobe product need a browser to print something?  I thought that was what Reader was for...
      14. I have 20 days left.


      Aside from my "issues" with Adobe, my questions can be boiled down to these:

      1. Is the 20-digit code my serial number in PM7?
      2. How do I get PM7 trial to accept it?


      Again, TIA,