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    Adobe Premiere Elements 9 "low on system memory"


      Would appreciate any info./suggestions on the issue of "running low on system memory" in Premiere elements 9.  "Proceed with caution..." error comes up consistently and eventually the rendered movie has an image come up with yellow background and foreign language.  After that, cannot do anything more.


      Here is the info. about my system:  32 bit, Windows 7 OS, 4 GB quad core, C:/ and D:/ drives 250 GB & 522 GB , (Don't know where to find info on video card)


      Video/images imported from Canon 7D.


      Very frustrating to work with the program this way...:(



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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          First, is there a red line above your clips on your timeline? If so, you need to render your timeline. Running the program with unrendered video on the timeline can result in out of memory reports.


          Also, when you place your video on the timeline, is there a red line above it before you add effects to it? If so, you are not using the correct project preset.


          When you start your project, go to Settings and select the correct project settings for you Canon 7D, based on the video format and resolution specs your camera is shooting. Using the correct settings, as I say in my books, will save you having to continually render your work.

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            kpcool Newcomer

            Thanks for the response!  Right now what I have been working in is the instant movie feature to just play around.  That is when the errors are happening.  The movie does render, but ends up with the errors.  I'm pretty sure I have the correct settings for the presets.  DSLR 1080... 


            So, this is not really a memory problem?...I will keep trying the things you have suggested though!


            Thanks again!

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              Steve Grisetti Mythic

              In order for me to help you further, I will need to know which settings you used for your project -- and which settings you shot your video at, since that cam can shoot in several frame rates.


              It also might help to know how much free, defragmented space is on your C drive.

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                kpcool Newcomer

                The camera settings for video are 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps.  The images are L jpeg format.  I have looked, but cannot find where it would indicate defragmented space on the C drive (can you help me out on that one?)  Also, have you ever seen the strange image with the foreign language before?  That could show up anywhere in the rendered file, sometimes in the beginning, sometimes a few slides in...


                I chose the video settings in the preset and to save it to the C drive...The quad core is 2.40 GHz and 2.39 GHz.  Perhaps that isn't for Full HD?...