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    rollover not showing in preview


      CS4 Fireworks doesn't want to preview my simple rollover, nor does it export successfully. I've only got 2 states with hotspots, went to first state and clicked on behavior handle to choose "Add Simple Rollover Behavior" as directed by Fireworks CS4 Help. That option was not there! Instead chose, "Add Swap Image Behavior" and dialog box with pre-selected State No.2 appeared and clicked OK. I was supposed to be able to view action in the preview pane at this point, but nothing. Also F12 and nothing.


      In the dialog box for "Add Swap Image Behavior" after top text "When rolling over the current slice, swap image in the slice chosen below:" there are two mysterious blank boxes, one square, the other rectangle, that take up most of the box but don't seem to do anything!?


      I also tried the drag n' drop method, dropping on the same slice and yet I see no "blue behavior line representing a rollover interaction" as indicated in Help.


      I also went direct to Behavior panel and used "+" to choose "Simple Rollover" instead of "Swap Image" (meaning I deleted the latter) for the slice in state1. Still nothing.


      Each time, the preview panes shows a change in cursor from pointer to hand when I mouse over, but no change in image.


      So what am I missing? Whatever it is, the Help directions are also missing it.