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    Prem El 9 YouTube files massive


      In previous versions of Prem El 7 you had an advanced tab whereby you could fiddle with the parameters and get what you want. Now I find the pre-sets are limited to "Flash Video" or "FV Widescreen". I am uploading a 9 minute vid from AVCHD in widescreen (but I don't want HD) and Pr El converts this to a 640p x 480 and an enormous 200Mb file. I have a reasonable Broadband line (6Mb) but many of my watchers have less. It stutters with me and must be far worse for them, apart from taking about 2 hrs to render and upload.


      The only way round I can see is back to the old way and "share" to my PC to a more realistic size, say 400px and upload from there. Am I missing something here?