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    RTMP Audio Only Streams and the BufferTrait


      I'm encountering and issue when trying to access the bufferTrait of an RTMP stream that is audio only.

      I can "getTrait" and it retrieves it, but when I try to adjust the bufferTime, it doesn't register any adjustments.

      We have a custom buffering to our video streams, and for video streams it is correctly adjusting the bufferTime, but for audio only running through the same custom plugin, no adjustments to the BufferTime are being made, and I can't find a way to increase the buffer.


      Is there is specific limitation on BufferTrait when dealing with Audio Only?




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          Did you try creating  a BufferTrait  variable and then assigning to the variable.bufferTime the new value?


          Do you mind publishing your code to see if there is any problem with it, please.

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            ScreenName1710b Level 1

            In the process of pasting the code up here I figured out my issue.

            I start off with a .1 buffer for fast load and then slowly raise it as the buffer comes in for QOS; audio stream buffer doesn't build nearly as fast as a video buffer does, so the threshold to increase the buffer was never met (with video, the stored bufferLength quickly blows past a low threshold of .5 sec), lowered the threshold and now it's buffering, but it won't really build beyond .5 secs (I imagine because there's much less information).


            Thanks for your help to jump start my thinking.