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    Copy armature

    wagsteroid Level 1

      I have created an armature for a ten minute animation.  It has a little over three hundred poses.


      I would like to start a new animation with the same armature.  Sounds simple really.  I have so far found only two options.


      1) Delete each pose individually by right-clicking and selecting "Clear Pose" three-hundred-and-something times


      2) Rebuild the armature from scratch.


      Is there an option three?  I can't believe that there is no quick way to copy an armature.  Don't think I'll be using IK again in a hurry.

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          wagsteroid Level 1

          Ok - this is of course possible, but you have to go about it in a specific way, so listen up kids.


          • Ctrl-click on the second pose (not the first one - otherwise you'll delete the whole armature)
          • Scroll along to the first empty frame on the armature layer
          • Shift-click it
          • You now have the whole armature animation selected, except for the first pose
          • Rick click and select either "Remove Frames" or "Clear Pose"


          Job done.