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    Need guidance on new graphics card connectivity.

    Hatton92-sMbRJb Level 1



      I want to upgrade my current graphics card "ATI Radeon 4800 Series" to a newer more capable graphics card mainly for gaming. (Black Ops is coming out tomorrow and I feel it's time for an update)


      My current PC specification is as follows:


      Harddrive: 500GB
      RAM: 4GB
      CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.80GHz
      Motherboard: GF 7050V-M7

      PSU: 650W
      Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 4800 Series
      Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3


      I need your help to find me a new graphics card that it is compatible with my motherboard/other components at around £130!

      Thanks for your time!