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    Please advise.  Is this a good RAID setup?  RAID5 SAS 10K


      Harm and Eric, ...(or anyone else with some RAID knowledge)


      I know you guys "rule" this forum when it comes to RAID so I was looking for your opinion on a used RAID setup.  I am going to put together a new i7 950, 12GB, ASUS Rampage III Formula, video editing box for CS5 Premiere Pro but want to know what you think about disk for this setup?  I have a lock on a clist posting for an HP Smart Array P410 with 4*300GB 10K HP SAS drives for $800.  Should I go with this setup instead of getting one of those Intel or Areca 1800s and some new/different drives?   The only thing that concerns me is that the controller is not SATA 6.0 ready, only 3gbs.  It does support the 6gbs on the SAS and that's what I'll be using if I do purchase it but not sure if that is the way to go.  Would you make this purchase or would you go with a newer card, SATA 6.0, SAS 15K, etc?  I would run them in a RAID5 for a ~900GB data drive.  then purchase a solid state for OS and app, pagefile, etc...what you recommeded in your Generic Disk Guidline Setup, Harm.


      I am primarily using this PC for editing AVCHD in PPro CS5 as well as CS5 Photoshop.


      ....or would putting more money into the new  nVidia GTX-285 be more worth my while?  I currently have a Core 2 Duo setup and the AVCHD is so skippy it's pretty much not possible to edit video in CS4 or CS5.  I am trying to resolve that.


      I'm a newbie when it comes to PPro so any advice would sure be appreciated.


      Thanks everyone!



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Your issue is not so much with the choice of SATA3 or SATA6, since that has not yet shown a discernable difference, but with your CPU. A Core2Duo is not enough for AVCHD editing, at least not comfortably.


          With today's prices, I would rather invest in good SATA disks AND a good CPU (i7-980X) AND sufficient memory (24 G) rather than go for what basically amounts to SCSI drives (10 or 15K).


          The GTX 285 has been retired some time ago. You now can choose from the GTX 460/470 or 480.


          IMO your first priority should be the upgrading of the mobo (X58) and mobo/memory, and after that the raid.

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            T.BONEBROWN Level 1

            Harm, I knew you were out there!   Thanks for the reply.


            I wrote this posting fast and maybe not very clear.  Here is what I am about to purchase this week:


            i7 950

            Asus Rampage III Formula

            12GB RAM

            Then I'll overclock that CPU and memory when I build it.


            My question really resides around the disk.  I wonder if the onboard SATA RAID would suffice (from the Asus...ICH10R) or should I be throwing down the extra money for this craigslist offer on the 4 SAS drives spinning at 10K in a RAID 5.  I can get it for $800, is that a good deal or should I be buying a new Areca card and just using SATA disks that are much cheaper?





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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              If the deal includes the disks as well for $ 800, I would go for it if the number of hours of operation is limited.


              On-board raid5 is very mediocre at best, but then an Areca card is very expensive. Without knowing more about your specific work-flow (source material, destination material, kind of editing) I find it very hard to give a straight-forward answer. Maybe you can fill me in.

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                T.BONEBROWN Level 1



                Thanks again for your time!  I appreciate it.


                I am new to the video editing world but want to jump into making some videos within PPro CS5 by editing my AVCHD video from my Canon HF100.  Mostly hunting videos and small productions such as short films or episodes for those hunting adventures and family vacations/sporting events.  I don't plan to use PP to it's utmost ability right out of the gates but I want to make sure this workstation is going to be able to apply some advanced editing as my skills increase with the tools.  Not sure if that gives you enough to assist but I think you ge the point.  Newbie with hopes to be doing some cool stuff over the next year or so! 


                Here is what I was thinking for my new setup.  Please break it down and give your opinion/criticism as you see fit:


                CPUIntel Core i7-950 3.06GHz Boxed Processor230.00
                CaseCooler Master RC-942-KKN1 HAF X ATX Full Tower180.00
                CPU CoolerCorsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler78.24
                Power SupplyCorsair CMPSU-850HX 850-Watt HX Professional Series180.00
                MoboASUS Rampage III Formula LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard290.00
                Memory12GB or 24GB Triple Channel - Make TBD?180?
                OS driveMaybe the 300GB Velociraptor or a SSD - TBD?150?
                Data/Scratch4*300GB SAS 10K on a HP Smart Array P410 in RAID5800.00

                Unknown but I have some I'll do SLI in for now....TBD for final card(s)



                Anyone have an opinion on the DDR3 Triple and OS drive by chance?  I'm sure someone does.  I'm "all ears"!





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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  The liquid cooling is not necessary, unless QUIET is spelled with capitals.


                  Memory has a significant impact on performance. If it fits in your budget I would go for 6 x 4 GB, else start with 3 x 4 GB with the intention to add 3 x 4 GB at a later date.


                  Since your initial demands are not extremly high, I offer this alternative for OS & programs: Samsung Spinpoint F4 320 G for € 30.


                  Video: GTX 460 or 470, but keep in mind that SLI is not supported. Preference for the 460 or wait a bit for the 580, which is even quieter and in light of your liquid cooling option, may be better for a quiet system.

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                    T.BONEBROWN Level 1

                    Thanks much!


                    I will get the Sinpoint instead of the SSD and maybe do a mirror on the two drives.


                    One qustion on the memory though.  When I look at the QVL for my Asus Rampage III Formula it only lists 2GB sticks as supported setup.  I will start another post on who has had some experience with this mobo.


                    Thanks for your help.  I will post my results when I get this workstation built.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      Unfortunately Asus hides behind a veil of smoke with regards to the QVL. They say it is up to the memory manufacturer to test their memory, and probably the memory manufacturer will tell you the opposite, it is up to Asus to test their memory...(sigh...) and even then I have not seen objective tests for qualification either way.


                      One thing that should help you is by looking at the brands that are on the QVL. Likely other models from the same manufacturer will also work. This is no guarantee, but an indication that company X or Y has made sure their memory is largely compatible.