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    Why Dynamic Link to Encore when CUDA doesn't help Encore?

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      Ok, so I just finished cutting together a 90 minute video and used Dynamic Link to bring it to Encore. My source files were AVCHD and HDV mixed, so Encore had to transcode them. I attempted to do a transcode before burning, and got all the way to 99% in the transcode when I got an error message saying that I couldn't transcode the file because it was open in another program (I had closed PPro, but apparently it was still open?). Anyway, I tried hitting "build" and got the same error, again at 99%. So I went back to PPro and used it to export an mpeg2-dvd file which I then imported into Encore and burned to DVD.


      Now, though I would appreciate some suggestions as to the source of my error when transcoding with Dynamic Link, that's not the root of my post... here it is: I'm not likely to use Dynamic Link again when Encore's (failed) transcode took nearly two hours for my 90 minute video, while doing a direct export from Premiere took only 40 minutes. I can only assume that the difference in time is because PPro is a) 64 bit, and b) can take advantage of the CUDA (I did all my CC and transitions using CUDA effects). Until Encore hits 64 bit and can take advantage of CUDA, I doubt I'll be using Dynamic Link again... anyone have any insight or comments?