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    Reducing button hit size




      I have some buttons which are cloud shaped. When I import them from photoshop as pngs they some with a square tranparent backgroud.


      This makes the "hand" appear outside the cloud shapes as well as inside them (like it should).


      So, i ask is there a way to reduce the button hit area in flash.


      Thanks for any help



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If they are button symbols, you can draw a shape in the Hit frame in the button's timeline to define the area that will interact with the mouse.  An alternative for a button symbol is to just use the Modify->Break Apart command on the image and then use the eraser to remove what you can of the transparent area.


          If they are movieclips used as buttons (not button symbols), then you can just use the images as backgrounds and have another alpha = 0 movieclip above it shaped like the cloud that you use for the button.