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    OSMF examples MulticastPlayer

    gjhdigital Level 1

      I am having no luck getting the MulticastPlayer example to work. I've tried specifying the F4M file and setting the Streaming Resource


      Setting just the F4M url:

      F4m url = http://myIPnumber/multicast/manifest.f4m


      Setting the Stream Resource:

      Connection String = http://myIPnumber

      RTMFP Groupspec =G:01012105a51d9630f3db027072df490c5ce6e51326704239834903084a145fa50a018998010d080e766272 69636b3200070ae1000172752e

      RTMFP Stream Name = livestream3


      Has anyone been able to get this example to work? If so can you post your example?