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    Multiple Windows In Taskbar Question


      Hey I have what I hope is a simple question.


      When I open an image in Photoshop CS5 it opens a new window in the windows task bar. How can I make it not do that. I end up working with dozens of pictures at a time and I don't want them all crowding my taskbar in Windows 7 because I have a number of other windows open at the same time.


      I also don't want to combine my images into one and have to flip through them that way either.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Curt Y Level 6

          I think if you use the tabbed view it will not do that.  In edit/preferences/interface.

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            Enderst123 Level 1

            Curt Y you are correct if you use the "tabbed windows" you only get one window on the task bar. I am looking for a way not to be in tabbed mode so I can see all of the pictures not in tabbed mode. But I don't wan't a bunch of windows open on my Task bar.


            I am using Windows 7.

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              emil emil Level 4

              Yeah, I'm also annoyed from this but we are out of luck. Adobe claims that this change is coming from Windows 7 and we should blame Microsoft, but I have a feeling that if anyone of them really wants to, they can fix it.

              One way to alleviate the problem is, when not in use, to minimize Photoshop - I do that by clicking the first Photoshop tab on the task bar.

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                Let me to make sure I am understanding this correctly.  
                When you are running Photoshop it shows up in the Windows Task Bar which is normal.  And then when you open up picture files in Photoshop it is opening up separate windows for each photo on the Windows 7 task bar?


                In Photoshop  Edit / Preferences / Interface, and then check "Open Documents as Tabs.  That will prevent Photoshop from opening individual windows for each picture on the Windows 7 Task Bar, and open them into their own tab in Photoshop. 

                If you don't like flipping through tabs in Photoshop you can choose the "Arrange Documents" Icon on the Photoshop tool bar to choose how you want them displayed and arranged in Photoshop. 

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                  emil emil Level 4

                  Yes ltrek@ec.rr.com, we are aware of this and it was already mentioned - it is not what we want, it is not an adequate alternative for the workspace layouts possible by using floating windows. But thanks anyway.

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                    Timothy_L_Kerr Level 1

                    Sorry,  Must have misunderstood what you want.

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                      emil emil Level 4

                      emil emil wrote:


                      Yeah, I'm also annoyed from this...

                      I'm replying to myself to clarify that I have mixed (not negative) fillings about the change. Especially when it comes to minimizing the individual image windows in Photoshop I like it the new way better. Before minimized floating windows in Photoshop were small window bars cluttering the bottom of the workspace that I often had to rearrange because maximizing and minimizing will not put its minimized bar on the same place but in the first available gap that opens when i close a window. It was harder to check and find the desired minimized image. Now I can move the mouse over the tab and thumbnail that appears, and Windows will display the image without maximizing its window so when I move the mouse out, it still remains minimized . So, after a second thought, I decided I like the new way better.

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                        Noel Carboni Level 7

                        Make no mistake:  Adobe specifically programmed Photoshop to put those Taskbar Thumbnails for individual documents there.  There's a specific API in Windows 7 for doing that.  It's not automatic.


                        However, as Photoshop provides a "minimized window" capability, where would you have them minimize to?  In the past they made an ugly set of short "title bars" near the bottom of the Photoshop main window.  I think this method deals with the issue FAR more nicely.


                        Some of the things I've done to help make the Windows 7 Taskbar more manageable and easier on the sensibilities:


                        1.  I have the Taskbar set to combine buttons when full.  When this happens, you can still see (and select from) the list of documents by hovering over the one button.


                        2. I have set the display of the multiple thumbnails to come up immediately upon hovering over the button instead of after a 1 second delay.  This makes using the combine feature less prone to delaying your interaction.


                        3.  I removed all "pinned" Taskbar items and don't pin things.  This reduces the visual clutter on the Taskbar, and everything that's there is a running program.


                        4.  After all that, I've discovered that I like Photoshop's Tabbed View better, and have switched to using that.  Try it - it may grow on you.



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                          emil emil Level 4

                          Noel Carboni wrote

                          ... 4.  After all that, I've discovered that I like Photoshop's Tabbed View better, and have switched to using that.  Try it - it may grow on you...

                          Yes, it is very nice and I like it too, when I work with individual images. In fact that's how I work when creating graphic design in Illustrator where I can put all placed images on the empty space around the artboard. However my main work in Photoshop is creating illustrative, visualization, and often collage work that usually needs dozens of references from different size images and I need to be able to see them all the time while I paint. For that kind of work there is no adequate alternative to the flexibility of the floating windows. I often spend a lot of time arranging the windows of dozens of different size images in a specific way that is not possible with the predefined Arrange Document layouts provided. I have even requested a Photoshop feature that can save floating windows arrangements so that they can be used after Photoshop and computer restart.

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                            I actually like the new tabs. I think they are useful in certain cases. But many, many times I want to work with floating images, or drag and drop from one image to another, or a million other things you can do with floating images. Sometimes I have 5 or more floating images at once. When I do that it becomes very, very annoying to have 5, 10 or more PS items in the Windows taskbar. I don't want my taskbar items grouped because I can work much faster between programs if they are not grouped. Maybe Adobe could think about the tabs like Windows thinks about the taskbar. Leave the tabs at the top even when I have the image floating. That would be better than having 20 PS items in my taskbar. I don't care what people out there think about the tabs. In my opinion, this functionality is a bug that needs to be fixed. I work in a Silicon Valley software company, and trust me, nobody here would allow that behavior to exist in our software.

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                              Noel Carboni Level 7
                              function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                              dhpnettt wrote:

                              I don't want my taskbar items grouped because I can work much faster between programs if they are not grouped.


                              Why?  Because you have to wait for the Taskbar Live Preview thumbnails to come up?  I've already shown how to speed that up.


                              Edit:  I guess that was in another thread.  Here's how:


                              Add this value:




                              This reduces the time from about 1 second to 50 milliseconds (essentially immediate).



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                                This tabbed browsing/multiple taskbar items thing is really annoying.

                                Why not just allow floating windows without opening up a billion taskbar items? I can't stand using the tabbed browsing, but if I need to edit multiple images I don't really have a choice unless I want my taskbar to fill up with items.

                                Way to suckify your software, Adobe.

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                                  Noel Carboni Level 7

                                  Your resistance to change is showing, Lime.D.Zeze. 


                                  Yeah, like all those little minimized window title bars weren't annoying before.  At least now you can see a picture of what's in the images to make choosing one easier.


                                  Embrace the change for a while before complaining.  Try some of the suggestions above.  Your blood pressure will be better for it, you will get used to it, and who knows...  Maybe you'll even start to like it.  Been there, done that.



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                                    Lime.D.Zeze Level 1

                                    Oh I have been using it for 4 months now, and it still annoys me.

                                    It really got to me today though when I went to open 30 images to edit, and my taskbar filled up.


                                    Please don't lecture me on "embracing change"



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                                      emil emil Level 4

                                      Lime.D.Zeze wrote:


                                      Oh I have been using it for 4 months now, and it still annoys me.


                                      There was another thread similar to this where I said this and will reiterate here again.

                                      This is a feature introduced from Microsoft with Windows 7.

                                      Programs that have multiple floating windows are always displayed like that, unless the program is not written specifically for Windows 7. From all programs that I have (and I have a lot) which use multiple floating windows, behave like that with the only exception being Dreamweaver from Adobe which apparently is using legacy code for that purpose and most likely will be changed in the next version. The problem with the old way is that it makes minimizing windows a completely dysfunctional mess..

                                      Also if you don't want multiple windows to show on the task bar you have that options in the task bar preferences. Just choose Always combine and you will have one tab per program. Isn't this what you want? The only difference is that Windows 7 also hides the label which is something to blame Microsoft for not providing "Always combine - show label" option and this feature request should be directed to Microsoft.

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                                        To: Lime.D, emilE and Enderst


                                        I'm kicking myself!!!

                                        several months ago I read on a different forum how to make Shop CS5 load up in Windows 7... but in Windows XP mode. (ie: no multiple task bar tabs!)  Dang, it was a while ago and I can't remember. I just tried r-clicking on the .exe and choosing "Win XP compatablilty mode" but that doesn't seem to work.


                                        It had to do with configuring Shop to open up without some of the needless CS5 'extras'. Someone mucked with my computer here at work and my settings are gone. after hours of searching, this was the ONLY valid 'fix' to our problem.


                                        hint: I believe Noel was contributing to that particular post (not 100%), perhaps Noel can remember? Sorry Noel, you mean well I'm sure, but there are many of us out there who welcome change but not at the cost of depreciation. It's simply a bad upgrade to what was an almost a perfect image editing tool.


                                        I'll try and find out and i'll post if i remember.

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                                          Noel Carboni Level 7

                                          To use Windows XP mode in Windows 7, you have to download the (free) Windows Virtual PC package, including Windows XP Mode:




                                          I don't know if you have a 64 bit Windows 7 system, but keep in mind Windows Virtual PC is only going to give you a 32 bit virtual XP environment.


                                          In my mind this seems like going through an awful lot of complexity just to avoid getting used to a simple UI feature.  The more you resist the flow, moving into the future, the farther behind you will get and one day you may find you can no longer use a modern computer.  Windows 7 eliminated the "Classic Start Menu"...  Will the next version eliminate the Classic theme?  XP mode?



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                                            PixelPusher40 Level 1

                                            You may be right, Noel...  I've been really struggling to find a store that will fix my 8-track cassette player. Oh, and I'm so bummed my dot matrix printer finally died on me... NOW what am i going to do?

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                                              Noel Carboni Level 7



                                              In all seriousness, we've all been there.  Resistance to change is a fundamental human trait.  But being human we can all learn new tricks, even when we get to be old dogs.


                                              I tend to be an early adopter, so for example I have almost 2 years experience with Windows 7.  I also got Photoshop CS5 right when it first came out.


                                              I ran Windowed view in Photoshop for a long time, then because of a plug-in bug in Genuine Fractals 6 I switched to Tabbed view for a while.  Turns out I never felt I needed to switch back.  It really can grow on you, and there are actually some subtle advantages.  That's experience talking, from someone who (believe it or not) shares your distaste for things that change and at first seem worse.



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                                                sedurre una ragazza

                                                The other day I was woking on a bunch of images and I was thinking at the way to solve it... but I was not able to find a solution. I 'm happy not to be alone at least;-)

                                                • 21. SOLVED? Re: Multiple Windows In Taskbar Question



                                                  just found and installed the free 7 Taskbar Tweaker from:  http://rammichael.com/7-taskbar-tweaker


                                                  So far this software has not caused any mishaps or other signs of incompatibility. It this transparently plugs-into the Windows 7 system and provides the options to combine taskbars with labels, something Windows 7 does not offer at all.  There are also options to show the saved tabs on hover (or not) and the usual pop out drop down menu appears.


                                                  seems to do the trick for me re. multiple windows in Photoshop.  Of course, you don't then have to have tabbed windows in Photoshop if you use this free software.




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                                                    Noel Carboni Level 7

                                                    This is an interesting looking application, though frankly your post kind of comes off as spam rather than a solution.


                                                    How, specifically, does it apply to / help with Photoshop's multiple window icons on the Taskbar?



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                                                      dhachintya Level 1

                                                      So long as you stop calling me frankly ??  Just trying to be helpful, but I can sell you some second hand underpants if you are interested?


                                                      Photoshop CS5 does not play nicely with Windows 7.  If you don't use the tab option in PS preferences, then every time you open a new graphic you get a new taskbar incidence, which is a bit oppressive if you have 12 - 15 graphic files open?


                                                      The only way to stop this is to opt, in Taskbar options, to group similar taskbar incidences together, BUT there is no option to do this WITH labels, which some people have found annoying.


                                                      The software offers the option to group similar taskbar incidences together WITH a label, and quite a lot of other useful taskbar functions not offered by Windows 7.


                                                      BUY BUY BUY !!!!  (the underpants are only used once ... and I have some lovely tomato plants given me by my dear old ma...)


                                                      hope the software helps


                                                      ps the software is free, so lousy commission ...



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                                                        Noel Carboni Level 7

                                                        My apologies.  We do get spammers here from time to time, and your post out of the blue with a link to some application seemed suspicious.


                                                        dhachintya wrote:


                                                        The only way to stop this is to opt, in Taskbar options, to group similar taskbar incidences together, BUT there is no option to do this WITH labels, which some people have found annoying.


                                                        I don't know what you're talking about here.  What do you mean by "labels"?


                                                        I have buttons with labels on my Taskbar and multiple documents group just fine when the Taskbar gets full.  I can't for the life of me think of why this would be unacceptable.




                                                        With lots of documents open...




                                                        I'm assuming this is not what you mean by labels.


                                                        I'm glad someone's invented a freeware app to help make the Taskbar more pleasant for some folks.  I use several freeware apps myself to spruce up the UI, just not this because (when I do use multiple-windows view in Photoshop) I feel the above is just fine as is.



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                                                          dhachintya Level 1

                                                          I think this may, looking at your screenshots, also be a Mac/Windows thing.In Windows 7, I have my taskbar open on the left hand side of the page, some people have it at the bottom.  I also have my taskbar on autohide.


                                                          Also, how different people enjoy working? I really enjoy being able to quickly display my taskbar on the left of the screen and see just the open programmes with each programme getting a tab to itself, with my open documents stacked inside each of those tabs, rather than a long list of open documents going down the page, waiting to 'fill up' so they begin to get stacked?


                                                          I was working with Photoshop CS5 at the  weekend on a multiple page document and had Word, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and quite a few other tools open in my taskbar.  On Windows, in Word 7, when a programme opens multiple tabs or windows, then they appear on the taskbar as multiple panes.  Depending on how you have configured the taskbar, then these panes very soon fill up the entire taskbar space and it becomes unwieldy and difficult to navigate or find open documents or programmes.



                                                          What makes it easier to navigate or find open documents or programmes is when the taskbars are labelled.  I can use the icons of course, but I respond to text labels, not visual lables.


                                                          It becomes easier to navigate, find open documents and programmes, when open document and programme panes on the taskbar are grouped together and clearly labelled?


                                                          In Windows 7, for some reason, this only happens when the taskbar is full, and when there are multiple documents and multiple programmes open, then this quickly becomes unmanageable.


                                                          The software I found solves the above situation by giving the user the choice to stack documents inside open programme taskbar panels, and only display the stacked documents list on mouse click.


                                                          I have used this over the weekend, and it increased my productivity and eased my search for documents many times.


                                                          Thanks for your apology - my needs for trust and support were not met by your suggestion that my email was spam, and your apology meets my needs for connection and respect.




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                                                            Noel Carboni Level 7

                                                            Thank you for clarifying, Barry.


                                                            I'm genuinely interested in how people perceive the modern computer UIs as I am a software architect and wish to make my own products as usable as possible.


                                                            One thing I've noticed is that many people, on first use of a new operating system (e.g., right after upgrading to Windows 7 from, say, XP), will desperately seek ways to return that new, different and uncomfortable environment to the look and feel they're familiar with (this doesn't seem to be the case with you, Barry, I'm just generalizing my thoughts here).  Complicating matters is that almost always in some ways a few things actually ARE degraded, while in many other areas they're improved.


                                                            I've found that consciously trying to embrace the new ways of doing things, looking for the merits, and taking the time to get used to the changes always seems to pay off - though as I have said, like you I certainly do my own tweaks too (such as move my Taskbar to the top and use a few freeware apps to enhance the UI).  It's a tough balance both trying to overcome a natural resistance to change and at the same time augmenting and enriching the system to help one be more productive.



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                                                              dhachintya Level 1

                                                              HI Noel


                                                              I am also involved in IT teaching/training and website development.  I seem surrounded by folk baffled, untrained and lost in the world of IT and unfortunately and sadly I sometimes make a living from it - the general standard of self training is very very low, at least in the UK, and that is why people hang on to old systems, why so many people want to continue with XP.  As a practicing buddhist, I am intrigued by the resistance to change, and agree with your general comments, but I think it is more to do with people just not bothering to train themselves in IT, or very very little training, and so they hang on to the familiar for safety and ease.


                                                              To change this is to tackle very big issues in us all such as crazybusy lifestyles, tiredness, probably diet, too much drinking that befuddles the mind, anxiety about work and relationships, you name it!  All these contribute to people putting IT knowledge way toward the bottom of their priority list.  I include myself in that list unfortunately, most of the time anyway.


                                                              thanks for your thoughts.




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                                                                PixelPusher40 Level 1

                                                                Thanks Barry! I'll give this a try. If it works well, i will it along to the other artists here... (most of them HATE the Shop-Taskbar problem too!).