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    Simple Question Can not find answer!




      Im trying to create an implied webpage link to twitter, facebook, you tube ect.


      I have buttons with the logo on it! However for my work i can not just link to a webpage as it all needs to be contained in the files i.e. on a computer that doesnt have an internet link!


      What is the best way of doing this?


      I was thinking of having the page as a swf that loads in on a seperate layer on top of the main site, which can then be closed via a exit link on the page!


      However im not sure what script i would need to put on the Facebook button to crate it to load, and what script to put on the x to make the link close!


      Or am i even doing it the right way! Should i be some how enbeding the webpages in the the flash file??


      Open to suggestions!


      I don't have a very good understanding of flash action script at all so!  Looking for a quick and easy solution that does the job!


      Thank you in advance for any replies