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    Premiere Sequencing Troubleshoot




      I am trying to use CS5 Premiere on a Mac (Snow Leopard version). I've used Premiere before on this computer with no problem, but I'm working on a project now, and for some reason, the sequencing area will not let me playback and view the roughcut area. It will begin to play the first second or two, and then automatically pause and go back to the beginning. I've tried to open several new projects, but it does this with everyone I start. I never changed the orignal settings either. I can export the movie and view it, but I can't rough view it to see if the transitions work, the color's right, etc. I would greatly appriciate anyone's suggestions on what's happening. I have a huge project I'm working on, and unfortunately, we weren't instructed on how to use the program or troubleshoot. (It's a learn as you go class project.) Thanks in advance for any advice!