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    480P Preset and Slide Show Quality


      The object is to produce high quality slide shows for family and friends.  480P is not an option in PE7 presets.  Results from PE3 through the current PE7 have not been satisfactory – mostly they look like VHS output.  Still content, DVD players and TVs are all good to high quality.  All of the players are progressive scan.  First, will 480P provide something similar to “Enhanced” format DVDs and hence solve my problem?  If not, what provides the highest quality slide show? Second, is 480P (480x720) available in PE8 or PE9?  If not (I do not think 480X640 would be acceptable), where is it available?  Content:  100 to 1000 files of 1800x1200 jpg from 4256x2832 nef.  System:  32-bit duel core processor at 2.66 ghz, 4 gb RAM, 500 gb RAID 0 drive.  (It would seem that Premier Pro is not an immediate solution.)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The challenge is that, with DVDs, you're working with video resolution -- which is essentially 640x480 pixels. Doesnt' matter how huge a photo you cram in there (and we don't recommend you do use a photo larger than 1000x750 pixels) you still just get a relatively low-rez video.


          Where do you plan to display this slide show?


          If you're distributing it by DVD, you're probably getting about as good as you can get.


          If you're distributing it for display on a computer (much higher resolution than video) you may want to consider a computer-based slideshow maker, like ProShow Gold, that will maintain the photos' full resolution to a much greater degree.

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            To restate your post to the question:  480p will not produce a better quality DVD slideshow than 480i.  That also makes the second question irrelevant.     Thank you,