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    Calling on Experts: help build my DV editing system (CS5)

    Coltsman33 Level 1

      I have read many incredibly helpful articles/guides on building the best PC for the buck.  Harm's perhaps the greatest.  I can't help but notice most of the one's I've read were written a number of months ago.  In this ever-evolving, quickly shifting industry, that translates to light-years ago.


      May I ask some of you experts this question: If you had $2k-ish to spend on an editing system w/ CS5 Production, what would YOU choose for YOUR system? Exluding monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.  Just the case, mobo, RAM, GPU, CPU, PSU, HDD(s), DVD+-, not BlueRay..., and anything else I'm forgetting.


      I do NOT handle HD video yet, but will upgrade some day.  I HAVE been doing my homework.  I am NOT being lazy here. But I AM in a HURRY!!! 


      Many blessings... JAY