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    how do I get a subform to print with new record?


      Hi everyone.


      I am an absolute beginner with livecycle, so pardon for any ignorant questions or comments.


      I am,a C# developer and would like great looking report (using livecycle of course) to print via my C# application. This is where I stand so far:


      I have a C# appplication that calls a saved LiveCycle pdf that contains (eg) the Name and Surname of a client. In the C# application we use a predefined XML structure that for example  contains the structure for two clients - eg John Doe and Jane Doe. I dont want to get to technical since on the C# side things are working great - we call the pdf populate the fields with the XML data and it prints the nice looking report! BUT...it only prints ONE record eg John DOe who is the first record in XML.


      I figured my lack of understanding of livecycle is my problem, as I dont really know how to use subforms.


      The pdf in livecycle is connected to the XSD dataset in the C# application via the DataView tab > right click > "New Data Connection" > "Xml Schema" > etc.


      The XSD has the following two columns = tbl_Client_Name & tbl_Client_Surname, after having connected the Data Connection the two tables appear in the Data View tab, I then drag the two columns onto the design service and I have my two text fields bound to my XSD dataset. And like I said running my C# application it really works cool and calls my clients but like I said it will only print one record.


      So folks how do I use the Subform to print all the records for the Client table dynamically? If I drag the tbl_Client_Name and tbl_Client_Surname  again on the design surface I get 4 text fields and yes both John DOe and Jane Doe will print. But that's not really what I would like to achieve as I would like the Subform to print everyone in the tbl_Client table, since we could never know how many clients will be in the tbl_Client table for example.


      I am alsmost sure its my lack of understanding of livecycle and the subforms - so please if anyone could guide me in the right direction it would be great!


      Thanks a million and happy coding !