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    Automate -> Pdf Presentation


      This works fine in PS CS3, now in CS5 is gone. Please give us back because using Bridge CS5 to make a multipage PDF is not as fast as it was with pdf presentation. We need to see thumbnails of files, select them, select output style... if we want a file two times we need to hardcopy the file.

      I read other user asking for this feauture to be back... so, will it be back?

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          Yes I support this. The ability to create multiple page PDF's directly from Photoshop should never have been removed.


          Looks like at one point someone in management at Adobe had the smart idea that Bridge would be some kind of 'hub' that every user would see the sense in using. A kind of asset management alternative to the Operating System. Never really took off. Why?- because the OS got considerably better at previewing images and assets. Well for some of us. And Bridge itself had too much overhead.

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            There may be legitimate reasons why the effort of maintaining the functionality was deemed unjustified, but from a convenience-standpoint having to go to Bridge for that feature seems less than ideal to me, too.