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    is it possible to create <table> component

      Hi all,

      This is Siva Kumar. I decided to create <table> component in Flex. My Idea of table is, it behaves just like <DataGrid> . But I want to add some more features to existing <DataGrid> and at the same time I want to disable the features like
      i. shuffling of columns means I don't want to give the moving of columns from one place to another place and
      ii. I want to disable the resizing of columns.
      The feature I want to add is
      1. User can put column size in a row as user wants . I mean suppose the header size is 20 , and user can put the element of width 32 pixels .

      I want that <table> similar to <html> table and some extra features like dragEnabled, dropEnabeld etc.

      Here my proble is I am just beginner to Flex. If anybody suggests me I can create it.

      Is anybody already created <table> component in Flex. If created could u send this to me.

      Anybody help to create <table> component in Flex.

      Siva Kumar