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    Flash CS4 AS2 Remoting


      Hi Good day to all,


      My name is Alex Pelayo and I need help with a few things. My team and I are developing a flash engine to load onto Xyleme LCMS. What will happen is, flash will have placeholders that will dyamically load content (texts, images and videos). The content is stored on Xyleme and will be passed to flash. We have background with loading external content via XML into flash so we assume that the logic is the same.


      We recreated a sample file that was provided by Xyleme, same codes and animations. When we uploaded our SWF onto Xyleme, the dynamic text boxes did not load the content and left the dynamic boxes "Undefined".


      We found a discussion (http://www.rabidgadfly.com/index.php/2007/10/23/how-to-setup-as2-remoting-with-flash-cs3/) that states that certain files and classes from Flash 8 were not included in CS3 (most likely CS4 too?). Can someone confirm if those removed files are needed to connect flash to a URLvar? If yes, is there a work around to using the URLvar class?


      For more advanced users, do any of you have any idea on how we should go about connecting the Xyleme LCMS to flash?


      For now thats all the information i can give. Hoping to hear feedback and inputs from you all.


      Thanks and regards,


      Alex Pelayo

      Team leader - Authoring Specialist

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          I am going to be building a Flash-based (using Flex 4, almost certainly) player for content managed in Xyleme, I wonder if you can provide an update on your findings or experience?


          I had planned on using URLLoader to load XML (assembled by Xyleme), parse it, extract URLs for images and other out-of-line media (i.e. non-text items not part of the XML), and finally use Loader to pull the assets in to the player.  I don't understand the problem you described and linked to about Flash8... ahhh, you're using AS2? For what reason?  Sorry, I am just taking note of that.