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    Help with flash timeline


      Hi i want to setup the flash timeline so that every 4 frames cover 0.42 seconds so 12 frames covers a bar (4 beats) therefore in 1 minute 140 beats can be clearly assigned and i can match images to a beat structure - similar to how Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live or Protools timeline (sequencer) would be set up....


      i have used flash for many years but im either being blonde or overlooking the ways to set this up!


      Can anyone help?




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          4 frames /.42 sec = 9.52 frames per second.  The timeline is not a reliable timing device though since it can be slowed depending on what's going on.


          Also, I don't know music/beats, but 12 frames will consist of three of those 4 frame sections, which I would consider covering only 3 beats worth of time (if 4 frames is one beat)