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    Need to reverse anchored text frames

    E Diane King Level 2

      I have a book that I laid out few years ago that has annotations pulled out as anchored text frames. These are short little one line annotations with all the proper styling (paragraph, character, object) applied. They were pulled out using a custom script before there were such tools as InTools Sideheads.  Unfortunately, the reversing that is built into InTools Sideheads (which I do own for both CS3 and CS5) will not work with this book because it wasn't used to pull out the annotations to begin with.  Now I have a need to return all those little lines of text back into the flow of text at their textbox's anchor point. Does anyone know if there are any scripts to do something like that?  I need to reformat this book to export as an ebook, and the annotations are currently flowing in after the paragraphs instead of in the flow of text where I need them to be.