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    Playing Timewarp Effect in Realtime

    JesseHarris Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have a foootage comp within my main composition and need to smooth out some frame skips/jumps, missing frames due to stopping the camera.  I'm using Timewarp for the first time to try to solve the problem of missing frames and smooth the footage.  It's a raw sequence time lapse.


      I open the layer in the Preview window, double-click on the effect and try some settings.  I then click RAM preview in the Preview pane and the 39 frame comp renders with a green line, takes a little more than 10 minutes.  When done it starts to loop, but will never play at 30fps!  I'm having a VERY hard time seeing what my settings in Timewarp are doing, if anything.


      Do I need to render it out to see the effect?  I've tried making a proxy of the comp, then applying the effect, and all that did was to somehow lose the cloning paint strokes I'd painstakingly done for dust on the sensor... Still wouldn't playback in realtime.


      I have a fairly robust system;  Mac Pro 2.66mhz, 16 gigs of ram, ATI 4870 video card, OS 10.6.4 and AE 10.0.1.  Multi-processing is checked, 3 gigs ram for other apps, 1 cpu for other apps - giving me .75 gb of ram allocation per bacground cpu's.


      Any tips and methods would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks very much! 


      Or if anyone has other ideas about how to create frames in between the jumps I'm listening!!