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    Asus Rampage III Formula QVL memory sticks


      Hello Adobers,


      Does anyone have this mobo with 4GB sticks in it by chance?  I am looking at purchasing this mobo and would like to start with 3*4gb to start off with but the QVL does not state any 4GB sticks that are compatible.  I must be reading this wrong or this QVL list is outdated on their site maybe?


      Maybe someone on here has this mobo with 4GB sticks in it and would like to share with me what they have?  I would appreciate it as I want to make sure I get something that works, as this is my first build.  Looking for the higher speed memory as I may overclock it in the future.


      Here is a link to the download if your interested in seeing it



      Thank you,



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          T.BONEBROWN Level 1

          I did Harm, thanks again mate!


          I would just like to see if anyone has some memory that has worked well for them on this Formula mobo.  First build, want it to go as smooth as possible.  Not scared by any means but I'll take some bad past experiences and stay clear if possible.

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            wb_martin Level 1

            I am trying to finish building a system based on the ASUS Rampage III Formula mobo with 24GB installed.  Here's what I know:

            On their initial QVL, ASUS noted some 4GB DIMMs as compatible, but they (recently) released an update to the Memory QVL which had none listed. (Of course, one of the reasons why I went with the Formula board was because it could host 24GB and there was a source on the QVL - but that seems to escape ASUS)


            Anyway, I purchased G. Skill "Ripjaws" memory, F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL, which is DDR3-1600, PC3-12800, (4GBx2), CL9-9-9-24, 1.5V.  Of the 6 DIMMs I got, I was having quirky BSODs, system crashes, which I am still trying to isolate; however, I downloaded Memtest86+ and spend this past weekend testing each DIMM at the rated speed.  I found two which wouldn't even be recognized or test at the 1600 speed set manually in BIOS.  They tested fine at DDR-1333 speeds.  From what I can tell on the S/N's of the DIMMs, it appears that they were from the same production lot, but at different parts of the lot (4 were two pairs of sequentially ID'd DIMMs which had SNs within 20 of one another; the remaining two were a matched pair but a couple of hundred SNs away from the other 4).  GSkill has asked me to RMA the ones which don't pass Memtest at DDR3-1600 and I will.


            Am still faced with quirky BSODs and erratic system crashes which I am not totally comfortable with.  My plan is to remove the Crucial SATAIII SSD as the boot drive and reinstall Win7-64 onto a couple of WD Raptors in a RAID0 controlled by the mobo software controller for now - onto an Areca 1880ix later when I'm convinced everything is stable and I've fixed the quirky crashing.


            I know there's another user on this forum using the Formula mobo and if I remember correctly, he was planning on filling the mobo with 24 GB too.  Maybe he'll chime in.  Good luck!

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              T.BONEBROWN Level 1

              Thank you for sharing your experience on this mobo!  Please keep me posted as I have not ordered the mobo yet and would really like to know what memory to order before I place the order for majority of what I need.  If I need to upgrade the board to The Extreme up to save some headaches, then that's what I'll do.


              Food for thought...the Rampage III Extreme has a 4GB stick listed on their QVL:









              Think these would work in the Formula?



              Thanks again and please keep me posted on what you find out.

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                T.BONEBROWN Level 1



                It appears your memory is only supported in a 2 or 3 DIMM configuration.  Am I reading that correctly?  This is taken from the QVL of the Rampage III Formula.


                On the other hand the Kingston X appears to have made the list for the Rampage III Extreme.  I may go with that if you don't have any luck with your GSkillz.

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                  T.BONEBROWN Level 1



                  So how many GBs do you have being recognized at the moment and what speed are they running at?  Here is some more interesting info I found on a "sticky" in the Asus Mobo forum:


                  Insufficient voltage/Memory settings


                  Fix: Set "Dram bus voltage" to 1.64v (or whatever your memory spec says) and set QPI/Dram voltage to max 1.35v (Max 1.35v is recommended for users with 12 Gigs and/or running at speeds of 1600Mhz or higher. If running under 1600Mhz  with 6 Gigs you may only need 1.25v QPI/Dram voltage. Another option is to set XMP profile in the bios.


                  Check your timings are correct for example 9-9-9-24. Another important memory setting to check  is the command rate, on an Asus board its called "Dram timing mode". The board defaults to 1N but for some memory it needs to be set to 2N. Check your memory's specs.




                  Some notes for people using 12 Gigs of memory.


                  12 Gigs of memory is only supported at 800-1333Mhz. Some users can run 1600Mhz successfully with some voltage tweaking but 1333Mhz is the max supported speed using 12 gigs.


                  So this is why I'm curious to know what you're getting and what speed they are at.





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                    wb_martin Level 1

                    I don't know what to say.  I have 12 GB in now - slots A1-B1-C1, and they're all running at DDR-1600 with the timings manually set that I described earlier.  I plan to thoroughly evaluate the use of the 24 GB total - all set to DDR-1600.   I didn't want to drive the memory at 1.6V, chosing rather to stay at 1.5, the rated voltage - at least not yet.


                    I like the Formula board over the extreme board for a couple of simple reasons - the primary one being the increased spacings between the graphic board expansion slots which allow for more effective cooling, and the distribution of on-board/backplane connectors.   Of course, the price compared to the Extreme isn't bad either. 


                    I'll definitely keep you posted going forward.

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                      Powered by Design Level 4

                      I was thinking about the Rampage III Extreme myself.


                      Here is a link to a good video from OC3D




                      He always puts the motherboards through good testing.


                      For some reason there is a RED box saying not to buy the Formula board.  Dont know why.  I havent finished video yet.


                      He has a lot of good reviews on the main page.




                      His review of the Extreme III I think was his favorite board I think.


                      Im looking forward to watching the new GTX 580 review that posted 5 hours ago.