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    amd opteron performance

    Themis_37 Level 1

      Hi averyone


      I'm looking into setting up a workstation for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. One of the options is a Dual AMD Opteron workstation. Anyone with experience on this certain type of processors is more than welcome to report his/her experience. Any known issues with AMD processors and the CS5 Production Premium suite that I should be aware of?


      Thanks in advance

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          Scott Chichelli Level 3

          considerable slowerly than Intel. (both 980x and dual Xeon)

          the newer opterons are only good for server environement and even thats debateable.


          same answer when someone asks about Xeons unless you are buying top end Xeons a single 6 core 970/980x is the best choice.




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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Other than the lack of SSE 4.1+ support and their general lackluster performance in comparison to the i7-9xx range, no.


            Just check out PPBM5 Benchmark and notice the first dual hexa-core Opteron 2431 at rank #83, about 4 - 5 times slower than a fast Intel machine. Also notice that this dual hexa-core Opteron is about three times slower than a fast i7-920, despite a processor cost of nearly € 1,200 for the AMD and the € 225 for the Intel i7-920,


            To summarize, this example costs more than five times as much and delivers around 33% of the performance. That is not what I call 'Bang-for-the-Buck'.


            Notice this Opteron system scores 0.8 versus the indicated i7-920 system with 8.3 score on the BFTB chart, so it delivers not even 10% of the performance of a properly tuned i7-920 system per € or $ spent.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Go to the Premiere Pro CS5 Benchmark

              http://ppbm5.com/ site and then to the results page to see what works best
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                Themis_37 Level 1

                Wow, very helpful answers, indeed. As it turns out, the idea of having a wide-scale benchmark to compare prior to working is an extremely useful tool. What amazes me on the benchmark is that right under the top performer - practically a workstation whose dual horsepower alone is around 3,700 euros, at least where I come from - is a workstation with a single I7 processor at almost 1/4 of the above price! Comparing the two top performers of the benchmark, I can see no other important hardware difference, at least not one to justify that a 12 core Xeon workstation can be so close to one with an I7 Extreme. Am I missing something here? Are there any helpful "tunings" one can do except from choosing the right hardware? Oh, and please tell me how much more cooling does an I7 980X need :-)


                Thanks a lot

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  There are numerous articles, but start here: Adobe Forums: Guide for installing and tuning a Vista...


                  Even though it says Vista, it also applies to Win7.

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                    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                    I certainly don't have a top-end system... I rank down there in the lowly middle section of the PPBM5. However, I can tell you that the only thing separating my system from the guys up there at the very top is my hard drive configuration and my memory. I have 12GB of ram versus their 24GB. I also have only a three disk RAID-0 setup on an Intel controller integrated into my workstation motherboard instead of a dedicated RAID card with a RAID array utilizing far more disks. So from what I've seen, for best 'bang-for-the-buck' don't waste money on huge processors... get an i7-920 or higher, get at least 12, but preferably 24gb of ram, make sure you have a video card that can utilize CUDA (and, btw, the lower end cards like the GTX285 like I have don't perform much worse than the much more expensive cards...), and then focus your spending power on a really good RAID adapter and RAID array. Read Harm's post on building RAID arrays and you'll learn a lot!

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                      Scott Chichelli Level 3

                      actually a 920 system will never touch a 980x. (even with a big raid) the biggest thing is GHZ.

                      an OCed 980x is nearly untouchable. (assuming 12-24 gig ram) until you hit the very top end Xeons.

                      the big dog raid arrays are not helping that much.


                      you look at the majority of the systems we (ADK) have up there and they are barely under (or over) the big raid arrays.

                      and our standard is 2 sets raid 0 onboard raid.

                      very very few people need anything past that.

                      the big benefit to the big raids is redundacy.



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                        Themis_37 Level 1

                        Thanks a lot for each answer, they were all very helpful. Scott, what would you recommend to cool an I7-980X? As far as I know - I could be wrong, though - extreme edition processors are usually overclocked. Will I need to flash the bios in order to make all cores work?

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                          Scott Chichelli Level 3

                          the 980x (newer 32nm processor) stock runs cooler than the 950 (older 45nm)

                          even oced it runs crazy cool.

                          the included fan is fine at least until you OC and really its ok for that just not quiet..


                          and no the 980x is not overclocked from the factory. it allows for overclocking easier as they are "unlocked"


                          all silicon comes from the same die lines, (EG all 32nm are the same, all 45nm are the same) all sillicon is made to be the Extreme chips. they then downclock for the lower speeds.

                          Intel always has a 25%+ headroom. so if the fastest they sell is 3.33GHz it should work @ 4.16GHz or higher.