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    Proof Video Played Through?


      I am going to be revamping a required annual intranet training session for employees. For the first time, we are interested in including a video instead of having employees page through html screens/jsps.


      However, we need some sort of accountability. For example, we previously required that employees answer a multiple choice question correctly every few screens. No record was kept of attempts to answer; the application simply wouldn't proceed until the correct answer was selected.


      For the purposes of using the video, we'd simply like to verify that the video played thru (no fast forward).


      I've been perusing the different Events available and don't see exactly what I was hoping for.


      What would be the best approach to this? Should I disable the drag bar/fast forwarding and include code that checks to see if the video stopped and the buffer is empty?


      Thanks for any help.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you want to prevent users from ff or dragging to the end of the video, you shouldn't supply those controls.


          you can detect the end of the video but how you do that depends on whether you're using an flvplayback component or netstream class and whether you're using as2 or as3.

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            IlliniAmy Level 1

            So, is it possible then to not include Fast Forward controls, but

            provide pause functionality?


            I apologize for the basicness of my questions; I just started researching this today. We've never used videos in our apps before.