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    Adding Metadata to MXF Clips?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      How do you do this?  I imported a bunch of clip brought over from Sony Clip Browser and I can't add any metadata.  What's up?  Surely you are able to add metadata to MXF flies, right?


      I can do it like normal in MOV files (Canon 7D) and regular EX1 MP4 clips, but not when converted to MXF.


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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You can add clip metadata that is pertinent to a specific clip, within a given project, but opening that MXF in another project will not result showing up in that new project. Premiere doesn't have the ability to write file metadata to an MXF file from within the Premiere Pro interface; any metadata editing of that sort must be done externally in a third-party application. The benefit of that, however, is that no matter where the file is imported, the metadata is readable. Read About file, clip, and project XMP metadata and Using clip metadata and file metadata for more background on this.


          You should be able to add metadata in Clip Browser, but check that that actually imports into Premiere along with the clip before logging everything; in CS4, at least, that metadata didn't make the trip