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    Audition 4 for Mac PPC?


      As a dedicated user on PC's since Cool Edit (pre-pro) days up through AA3, and also as a recent mac-returnee, I eagerly downloaded the AA4 beta and tried to install it on my PPC G5 Quad Core/2.5...to no avail! ("You can't open the application 'Adobe Audition' because it is not supported on this architecture"). Nothing in the FAQ's, forum or publicity I've seen mentioned that it was Intel only.


      Yes, one day (when I can afford it!), I'll own a Mac Pro, but the PPC's are still widely used by pro's and are still a great DAW/post machine. Will the final release or else a future update be PPC compatible? (I'm running Leopard 10.5.8 on the PPC).


      BTW, I went ahead and installed it on my 2008 iMac and am having fun with it there, but that is not my DAW machine.



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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Audition for the Mac will be for Intel-based Macs only.  There are no plans for PPC support, and development has been focused only on Intel support.


          I'll see if this is information we can have added to the Labs page, or at least on the download page.  Sorry for any confusion, but I'm glad you're able to try it out on your iMac.

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            _colin_ Adobe Employee

            As a note, the system requirements for this release are here:






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              4fmb Level 1

              Thanks to both who replied!


              Colin, yes, I spotted that piece when I went back and did more in-depth searching.


              And _durin_, I really appreciate you taking the time to give official word and, as Colin points out, the information is there...it should probably be added to the main description like you say, but it is there. In my excitement I just didn't wade through everything before downloading.


              I would put in a request to make it PPC compatable though -surely the added user base would justify the resource expenditures, if it's technically possible on the PPC. Thinking I could run it on my PPC G5 as the "one ring to rule them all, and in the DAW-ness bind them" was one of my main factors in switching back to macs as my primary DAW computer. Ah well. It's a great, wonderful product, and I'll use it any which way I can!


              Cheers all,

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                _colin_ Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the reply and feedback.


                About your suggestion on adding a note about Intel based Macs (and maybe a link to the sys req's as well) on the main "Getting Started" page is a good one and I will talk to the labs web team and get that done to help make it clearer for folks.





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