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    Help testing players


      I'm testing some streaming video capabilities for my company and I'd like to gather some feedback for performance testing. Can you please click on the links and answer a few questions, please make sure you reference which link you are giving feedback for.


      What internet browser are you using (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome)?
      What connections speed(Cable, DSL, Dedicated T1)?
      Type of device (Laptop, tower, iphone, android etc).


      Did the link work?
      How long did it take to load?
      Did it play straight through?
      Did the quality change noticebly while watching the movie (starting out at a lower quality and bumping up to a higher quality)?


      Try clicking around on the different buttons and the srubbing the player bar.


      Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


      If you have time to test on more than one browser or device that would be awesome!


      Dynamic bit-rate switching
      - OSMF
      - OSVP
      http://origin-qps.OnstreamMedia.com/origin/healthcaresp/mmedia/bae/mbr/bae_mbr_1012100959. html


      Single Streaming
      - OSMF
      http://origin-qps.OnstreamMedia.com/origin/healthcaresp/mmedia/bae/single_stream/bae_singl e.html
      - OSVP
      http://origin-qps.OnstreamMedia.com/origin/healthcaresp/mmedia/bae/single_stream/bae_singl e_1012101015.html